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Cycling in the Riviera

Pietra Ligure is within an area ideal for road bikes.

The best times to enjoy this wonderful sport are fall, winter and spring because the Italian Riviera and the Riviera have very mild weather that allows you to do outdoor sports all year round.

You can take the Aurelia which runs along the coast through countries and small bays or up slopes and hills and enjoy breathtaking views of beautiful rings in the Ligurian Alps.


da Urbe, Liguria

9.28 km537 msm958 msm421 m4.5 %

da Sassello, Liguria

14 km380 msm975 msm595 m4.3 %
Altopiano delle Manie

da Finale Ligure, Liguria

9.22 km10 msm317 msm307 m3.3 %
Altopiano delle Manie

da Noli, Liguria

4.6 km0 msm322 msm322 m7 %
Bardino Vecchio

da Pietra Ligure, Liguria

7.94 km20 msm323 msm303 m3.8 %

da San Genesio, Liguria

3.95 km20 msm256 msm236 m6 %
Bocchetta di Cadibona

da Quiliano, Liguria

11.92 km22 msm458 msm436 m3.7 %
Bocchetta di Cadibona

da Zinola, Liguria

13.59 km16 msm458 msm442 m3.3 %
Bocchetta di Cadibona

da Savona, Liguria

12.02 km30 msm458 msm428 m3.6 %

da Bormida, Liguria

1.34 km466 msm573 msm107 m8 %
Bric Berton

da Sassello, Liguria

9 km380 msm755 msm375 m4.2 %
Bric delle Forche

da Celle Ligure, Liguria

7.2 km2 msm360 msm358 m4.6 %
Bric Vaccalenda

da SS 334, Liguria

4.7 km60 msm362 msm302 m6.4 %
Ca dei Gatti

da Ponte dell’ Isola, Liguria

7.7 km80 msm612 msm532 m6.9 %

da Millesimo, Liguria

4.86 km426 msm657 msm231 m4.8 %

da Calice Ligure, Liguria

5.63 km73 msm378 msm305 m5.4 %
Carretto – Bouzouròn

da bivio Carnovale, Liguria

8.07 km320 msm667 msm347 m4.3 %
Colla Micheri

da Andora, Liguria

2.63 km20 msm182 msm162 m6.2 %
Colla Micheri

da Laigueglia, Liguria

2.01 km6 msm182 msm176 m8.8 %
Colla Vassuria

da Urbe, Liguria

5.75 km557 msm917 msm360 m6.3 %

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Most beautiful bike routes in Western Liguria


Imperia – Finale Ligure

distance: 53 KM
height difference: 78 MT


distance: 21 KM
height difference: 330 MT



distance: 20 KM
height difference: 313 MT


distance: 46 KM
height difference: 917 MT


Pietra Ligure – Colle di Melogno – Giogo di Toirano – Pietra Ligure

distance: 65 KM
height difference: 1200 MT

Percorso Cicloturistico SAVONA

distance: 51 KM
height difference: 1200 MT


Percorso Cicloturistico Pietra Ligure Albenga

distance: 66 KM
height difference: .. MT


distance: 59 KM
height difference: 1235 MT




distance: 61 KM
height difference: 1353 MT



distance: 63 KM
height difference: 1330 MT


Finale – Melogno’s Hill

distance: 65 KM
height difference: 1300 MT



Finale Ligure – Genova

distance: 86 KM
height difference: 439 MT


distance: 63 KM
height difference: 1500 MT


distance: 57 KM
height difference: 1300 MT


distance: 60 KM
height difference: 1345 MT

Finale – The ‘N’ Hill Tops of Finale

distance: 65 KM
height difference: 1172 MT

Finale – Lake Osiglia

distance: 105 KM
height difference: 1500 MT

La Storica di Pietra Ligure

distance: 74 KM
height difference: 1040 MT


Loano-Imperia-Cesio-Passo del ginestro-Testico-Albenga-Finale Ligure-Finalborgo-tovo

distance: 125 KM
height difference: 2300 MT

Gran fondo di Pietra Ligure

distance: 100 KM
height difference: 1846 MT