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Trails of Finale


45 itineraries for hiking and running in Borgio Verezzi, Finale Ligure and Noli.
Marco “Thomas” Tomassini

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Finale offers a rich variety of routes and walks for expert excursionists as well as for holidaymakers who seek the challenge of getting to know surroundings different from those of the sea.

By venturing beyond the coastline between the narrow valleys which go up as far as the pre-Alpine ridge, you can come into contact with uncontaminated nature where the influence of man, who managed to conquer this steep, mountainous terrain for survival, is still present.
Finale’s history begins millions of years ago and is written in its special rock, Finale Stone, with its enormous calcified sedimentary deposit emerged from the sea. Over thousands of years the water has carved out of this rock a landscape rich in high lands, valleys, vertiginous rock faces, hills and caves.

Today the Finale area has some very rich and natural surroundings of biodiversity. The species of trees and flowers, some local, vary between the coast and inland. Nearer to the sea we find thick woods of holly oaks and Aleppo pines while bushes of Mediterranean scrub (strawberry trees, juniper, broom and aromatic herbs) perfume the sunny slopes. Going up higher, chestnuts and ash trees fill the cooler, damper valleys. To this rich botanical collection can be added the equally varied fauna.
With this guide we shall be able to discover all this and more.

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